South Milwaukee Amateur Radio Club
Monthly Minutes
January 2nd, 2019

Time meeting called to order: 7:00 pm
Roll call and introduction of guests. There were 11 attendees.
Reading of minutes from November 2018 meeting.

• Motion made to accept the minutes as read by Tim (N9VUV), and Ken (KC9QV) , and passed by
unanimous voice vote.

Reading of Treasures report.
• Motion made to accept the Treasures report as read by Tim (N9VUV), and Ken (KC9QV), and passed
by unanimous voice vote.

• Mike (W9MRL) found out that Icom allows you to register your club event on their website. He thinks
that they might have a booth or supply a gift prize.
• Mike (W9MRL) thinks we can rent out the indoor space to a national vendor that needs to stay away
from the weather. Alternately, we could use the space to host seminars or other kinds of presentations.
• Lloyd (KB9IOZ) suggested a kids area. Perhaps the scouts can set up a few kids friendly displays or
hands on activities.
• Lloyd also mentioned that the scouting event known as “Jamboree On The Air” is held on the 3rd full
weekend in October in case the club would like to get involved.
• Mike (W9MRL) reminded us that we would like to host Field Day but still share it with MRC91,
MRC91 can’t afford to host it anymore. He noted that we have a storage trailer that is used to hold the
equipment used for the swap-fest. Mike also reiterated the desire to buy our own equipment instead of
relying on volunteers to supply equipment. Finally Mike said that the club is looking to make go-kits for
Field Day radios.
• Ken (KC9QV) offered to sell the club an Alinco DX-SR8 HF transceiver and an LDG auto tuner to the
club for $275. Karen (KC9WQJ) makes a motion to purchase the aforementioned radio. Tim (N9VUV)
seconds the motion and motion passes by unanimous voice vote. (We have our first Field Day Radio!)
• Ken (KC9QV) stated that the web address redirects you to
• Jason (KD9HFW) gave an update on the promotional items. He said that the club agreed on ink pens and
small note pads about 3”x6” in size with a watermark of our club logo.

Voting of board begins at 7:58pm
• Nominations for all positions were called and responses are as follows:
President: Karen (KC9WQJ)
Vice President: Bert (K9AYL)
Secretary; Jason (KD9HFW)
Treasurer: Mike (W9MRL)
• Ken (KC9QV) makes a motion to close the nominations and have the nominees be elected by
acclamation. Mike (W9MRL) seconds the motion and motion passes by unanimous consent.

Meeting adjourned at: 8:05 pm




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